20 Refills of 3-Blade Cartridges Compatible with Schick Wilkinson Quattro Razor for Men and Women – Pack of 8 or 16



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Great Deal 3 Blades in one Cartridge Fits all Schick Quattro Men & Women, Titanium, Bic Soleil, Pesonna Caliber5 Wilkinson Tech4 Razor. You don’t need to change Razor. These Blades are made in USA from Imported Steel and Distrubuted by Energizer Personal care LLC, dba American Safety Razor Verona, VA 244482.Also Schick quatttro blades are mfg by parent company of Energizer holding company.20 Brand New Refills (3 Blades in one Cartridge) made by Geniune US compnay fits All Schick Quattro including Men, Women and Titanium Blades. Total 20 Refill Cartridges. It will fit All Quattro Titanium, Wilkinson and Women Razor. (Refer picture) Razor is not included. I have tried it and it works Great. It will come as shown in the picture in the plastic sleeve. These blades are not made by Schick company. It is real picture of the blade.It is 3 blades in one cartridge but if you would like to buy 5 blades for Quattro Razor clik below item # 321760393920 . I used 5 blades in Quattro Razor, They work great. Also it will cost you less in the future. If you would like to buy better deal, 5 blades in one Cartridges in Quattro Razor Like Hydro5 or Gillette Fusion Click here ebay item # 321760393920 Includes Aloe, Vitamin E, Pivoting Head. Three Blades for a Close Shave. Works with any Schick Quattro Razor, Titanium, Bic Soleil, Wilkinson Tech4 3 Blades Razor ( 3 blades in one cartridge) Powered by SixBit’s eCommerce Solution

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This health and beauty wholesale lot offers a great value for its price of $22.99. The product is brand new and is located in Santa Clara, California. It is sold by the reputable eBay seller *usrazor*, who has received an impressive 67,970 feedbacks with a feedback percentage of 99.4%.

With such a high feedback percentage, it is evident that customers are satisfied with their purchases from *usrazor*. This indicates that the product is of good quality and meets the expectations of buyers.

Whether you are a reseller looking for a profitable wholesale lot or an individual looking to stock up on health and beauty products, this offering is worth considering. The competitive price, new condition, and positive feedback from previous customers make it a reliable and worthwhile purchase.


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