9 Gillette Venus Embrace Razor Blades with 8 Refill Cartridges and Metal Shaver Handle



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8 Gillette Embrace Razor Blades Venus Replacement Cartridges Refills Shaver 2*4 & Metal Shaver handle with 1 cartridge, total 9 Cartridges and one Razor. Brand New Gillette Embrace 8 blades. 2 packets of 4 or one pack of 8. Embrace blades comes in 2 to 3 different style of packing and we will ship one of them. Blades are same. 100% Authentic. Fewer Nicks and Cuts vs. Any Venus 3 blades. Venus Embrace has 5 blades plus a Ribbon of Moisture to help provide a comfortable shave with fewer nicks and cuts Amazing smooth Looking Skin Venus Embrace gets virtually every hair to help the skin on your legs look super smooth! A Long-Lasting Shave One Less Thing to Stress About UPC number 0 47400 09897 8 or 047400098978 Venus Embrace 4 pk WARNING BEFORE BUY: There are Lots of sellers selling fake Gillette Blades more than 90% of sellers. Before you buy ask! 98% of customers can’t tell the difference between original and china mfg. blades. Sellers selling open packets of blades may be evading detection of counterfeit blades. Counterfeit blades do not work like Original Gillette Blades. There have been reports of injury to people using the counterfeit blades from china. We have 100% original authentic blades in all original sealed packaging. Customer Testimony: Dear gmbusine, Hello, Your so right about most of the blades being counterfeit. I got a great deal about 2 years ago on this type of blade and after opening them and trying a blade, it cut my face up so bad that I had to go to the Hospital and get a tetanus shot. buyers that do feedback without trying a blade are going to be sorry. Thanks for you write up about the fake blades. I appreciate it very much. Happy Holidays, Bill – billjr62 Powered by SixBit’s eCommerce Solution

Product Description:

  • Category: Health & Beauty:Shaving & Hair Removal:Razors & Razor Blades:Women’s Razor Blades
  • Price: $29.29
  • Condition: New
  • Product’s Country: Santa Clara, California
  • eBay product sold by: *usrazor*
  • Received 67970 feedbacks, feedback percentage is 99.4

Product Evaluation:

This women’s razor blade is a must-have for anyone looking for a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. With its high-quality construction and sharp blades, it provides a close shave without causing irritation or nicks. The razor blades are designed to glide effortlessly over the skin, ensuring a clean and precise shave every time.

Not only does this razor blade offer exceptional performance, but it also offers great value for money. Priced at $29.29, it is an affordable option compared to other similar products on the market. The new condition of the product ensures that you are getting a reliable and long-lasting razor blade.

Furthermore, the seller, *usrazor*, has received an impressive 99.4% positive feedback from 67970 customers. This indicates their commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of their products. You can trust that you are purchasing from a reputable seller who delivers on their promises.

Why Buy:

  • Provides a smooth and comfortable shaving experience
  • High-quality construction and sharp blades
  • Glides effortlessly over the skin for a clean and precise shave
  • Affordable price compared to similar products
  • New condition ensures reliability and longevity
  • Seller *usrazor* has received 99.4% positive feedback from 67970 customers

Overall, this women’s razor blade is a reliable and cost-effective choice for achieving a flawless shave. With its exceptional performance and positive customer feedback, it is definitely worth considering for your shaving needs.


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