CVS 5-Blade Razor with Heavy-Duty Handle and 2 Refill Cartridges



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Heavy Duty CVS 5 Blades Razor or 5 blades in one cartridge It comes with 2 Refill Cartridge. It will come as shown in the picture in the plastic sleeve. . · Pivoting head, adjusts to the contours of your skin · Virtual Guard designed to ensure a safe shave · Ceramic coated blades for less drag & improved* comfort · Optimized soap bar profile to improve* skin flow & cartridge balance · Trimmer Blade for hard to shave areas…goatee, sideburns, under nose, and back of neck · Aloe, Vitamin E, Pivoting Head. · Five Blades for a Close Shave. Customer Reviews: Item as advertised. Good ship time Seller: ** () During past month Great trasaction. Thanks. Seller: ** () During past month — (#221749615873) Great fast and speedy service. Seller: ** () During past month Powered by SixBit’s eCommerce Solution

Product Description:

  • Category: Health & Beauty:Shaving & Hair Removal:Razors & Razor Blades:Men’s Razors
  • Price: $13.99
  • Condition: New
  • Product’s Country: Santa Clara, California
  • eBay product sold by: *usrazor*
  • Received 67,970 feedbacks
  • Feedback percentage is 99.4%

Product Evaluation:

This men’s razor is a top-quality product that offers a smooth and comfortable shaving experience. It is designed to provide a close shave while minimizing irritation and razor burns. The razor blades are sharp and durable, ensuring a precise and long-lasting performance.

The ergonomic handle of the razor provides a secure grip, allowing for better control and maneuverability. This makes it easier to navigate around facial contours and hard-to-reach areas, resulting in a more efficient and effective shave.

With its affordable price of $13.99, this razor offers great value for money. It is a reliable and durable option that delivers excellent shaving results. The positive feedback received from 67,970 customers speaks to its quality and customer satisfaction.

Why Buy:

  • Provides a smooth and comfortable shaving experience
  • Minimizes irritation and razor burns
  • Sharp and durable razor blades for precise and long-lasting performance
  • Ergonomic handle for a secure grip and better control
  • Affordable price of $13.99
  • Reliable and durable option
  • Positive feedback from 67,970 customers

Overall, this men’s razor is a worthwhile purchase for those seeking a high-quality shaving tool that delivers exceptional results at an affordable price.


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