Reebok Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Youth Gray Hoodie, Size M (5/6) – FACE OFF. MSRP: $36.00



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For sale is a Pittsburgh Penguins NHL Youth M (5/6) Gray Hoodie Reebok FACE OFF MSRP: $36.00. Condition is new with tags. All items are quality checked before shipment. And if there are any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you for looking!

Product Description:

  • Category: Sports Mem, Cards & Fan Shop:Fan Apparel & Souvenirs:Hockey-NHL
  • Price: $24.99
  • Condition: New
  • Product’s Country: Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • eBay seller: morsaba_0
  • Received 1253 feedbacks
  • Feedback percentage is 100%

Product Evaluation:

This product falls under the category of Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop, specifically Fan Apparel & Souvenirs for NHL hockey. It is brand new and sold by a reputable eBay seller, morsaba_0, who has received a total of 1253 feedbacks with a perfect feedback percentage of 100%. This indicates a high level of customer satisfaction and reliability.

Why Buy:

Here are some reasons why this product is worth purchasing:

  • Authentic NHL Fan Apparel: This product allows you to show your support for your favorite NHL team with official fan apparel.
  • Brand New Condition: The product is in brand new condition, ensuring that you receive a high-quality item.
  • Reputable Seller: The seller, morsaba_0, has a proven track record with a perfect feedback percentage of 100%, giving you confidence in your purchase.
  • Competitive Price: At $24.99, this product offers a reasonable price for NHL fan apparel.
  • Location: The product is located in Altoona, Pennsylvania, which may be convenient for buyers in the area.

Overall, this NHL fan apparel is a great choice for hockey enthusiasts who want to support their favorite team in style. With its new condition, reputable seller, and competitive price, it offers a compelling option for fans looking to show their team spirit.


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