Victoria’s Secret PINK Black “Beach Boss” Drink Holder Koozie with Lanyard



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For sale is a Victoria's Secret PINK Black “We Run This Beach” Drink Holder Koozie W/ Lanyard. Condition is used and in very good shape except there is a small snag on the front. Free shipping! If there are any questions please feel free to contact me. Thank you for looking!

Product Description

  • Category: Collectibles
  • Subcategory: Bottles & Insulators
  • Product Type: Insulators
  • Price: $9.99
  • Condition: Used
  • Country of Origin: Altoona, Pennsylvania
  • Seller: morsaba_0
  • Feedback: 1253 received
  • Feedback Percentage: 100%

Product Evaluation

This insulator is a collectible item in the category of bottles and insulators. It is being sold by the seller morsaba_0, who has received a total of 1253 feedbacks with a 100% positive feedback percentage. The insulator is used and comes from Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Why Buy?

Here are a few reasons why this insulator is worth purchasing:

  • Collectible Item: If you are a collector of bottles and insulators, this product is a great addition to your collection.
  • Reasonable Price: The insulator is priced at $9.99, making it an affordable option for collectors.
  • Positive Seller Feedback: The seller morsaba_0 has received 1253 positive feedbacks, indicating a reliable and trustworthy seller.
  • Used Condition: While the insulator is used, it adds to its charm and authenticity as a collectible item.
  • Origin: This insulator comes from Altoona, Pennsylvania, adding a unique aspect to its history and value.

Overall, this insulator offers collectors an opportunity to enhance their collection with a reasonably priced, authentic, and unique item from Altoona, Pennsylvania.


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